Best Things to Do at Night Time in Hue City of Vietnam

  After visiting the scenic spots during the day, in the evening, visitors can experience some of the following activities to fully experience the beauty of the ancient capital. 1. See the cannon shooting at Ky Dai (Flag Tower): Ky Dai (Flag Tower) in Hue Imperial City, was built in 1807 during the reign of King Gia Long. Previously, on the front of the fort there were two guard posts and workshop cannons for the placement of guns. Today, visitors can come here at 20:30 every Sunday night to see the reenactment performance of cannonball shooting. Usually the gun shoots 4 beats, and 21 beats on New Year's Eve or events such as welcoming heads of state. 2. Discover Hue Local Specialties: Hue cuisine has a variety of dishes from day to night. After dinner, visitors can visit the sidewalk tea shop to sit and enjoy the famous Chè Huế (Roasted Pork in Tapioca Powder). Some suggested addresses are Mo Ton Dich, Chè Hẻm, Ngoc Hien, ... If you want to enjoy Hu